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The Best Cheap Eats Honolulu Has to Offer

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Scouting out the best places to eat in Honolulu on a budget

Honolulu’s endless beaches and waterfront dining can come with a price tag as epic as they are. However, with some careful planning, eating the best food in Honolulu doesn’t have to bust your budget. After all, the Aloha State is known for Spam musubi, loco moco, and the mixed plate lunch—all famous cheap eats.

So, where can you get the tastiest cheap eats Honolulu has to offer? Keep reading and visit Honolulu like a foodie!

Where do locals eat in Hawaii?

Locals in Hawaii are all about unique eateries with lots of history and character, and folks in Honolulu have plenty of great options. Just like your favorite hometown café, these local haunts stand up to time and say, “Come and get it!”

Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Helena’s classic Hawaiian cuisine has won a James Beard Award, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay fine dining prices. This hometown legend, run by Helen Chock and her family members, has been feeding locals since 1946. All a la carte items cost less than $9. Psst! The short ribs are famous all over Oahu.

Highway Inn Kaka’ako

Since 1947, the Toguchi family has served quintessential Hawaiian cuisine at Highway Inn. Their menu is true to Hawaii’s culinary roots and among the best cheap eats Honolulu locals love. You can try their signature dishes at three locations throughout Oahu, and the Kaka’ako location near downtown Honolulu is especially convenient for sightseeing and beach-hopping.

Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In is as cool as it gets. The original location on Kanaina Avenue has been slinging affordable Oahu comfort food since 1961. Just look for the rainbow-splashed exterior and follow the scent of macaroni salad and mahi mahi. The classic mix plate is under $10 and it’s the most “expensive” plate on the menu—so get ready to eat.

What are the best places to get cheap takeout in Honolulu?

Some of the best cheap places to eat in Honolulu serve go-to meals. With gorgeous weather like Honolulu’s, of course you’ll want to order takeout while you explore the seaside city.

Diamond Head Market & Grill

Come here to order fresh pastries and any meal on the go. For the ultimate cheap breakfast, Honolulu-style, order the coconut pancakes with a side of fried rice. For lunch or dinner, the kim chee burger shows your taste buds what fusion food is all about.

Musubi Café IYASUME

IYASUME may not have invented Spam musubi—that was Barbara Funamura’s brilliant idea—but they have certainly made it their own. Most menu items cost less than $3 and they’re wrapped to go. The flavor combinations might surprise you…in a good way. The avocado bacon egg Spam stack will easily make you a musubi fan.

Japan Village Walk Shirokiya

Honolulu’s Asian heritage is an important part of the city’s contemporary culture and cuisine. You’ll taste, smell, and hear those cultural roots at the Japan Village Walk Shirokiya. Eat your way through the local vendors in the ramen plaza (yes, a plaza just for ramen), sip refreshing drinks in the beer garden, and watch a live show on the Shirokiya Stage.

Is there any cheap food in Honolulu by the beach?

Yes, there are cheap eats in Honolulu right on the beach. Enjoy the views from a patio or window table, or order your meal to go and have a beach picnic in Waikiki Bay.

Steak Shack

If you think steak and a walk on the beach is too expensive for your budget, float on over to Steak Shack in Waikiki. In a neighborhood full of luxury resorts and designer boutiques, Steak Shack stands out. Order a double portion of roast steak or chicken with rice and salad and walk down the pier for an easygoing vacation date.

Barefoot Beach Cafe

Located on the east side of Waikiki, Barefoot Beach Café is something different. You can’t find vegan loco moco at most eateries, but the gravy-smothered brunch dish is a staple for anyone eating in Hawaii on a budget. Come one, come all. This lovely local spot serves several vegan options alongside the classics.

Gilligan’s Beach Shack

When you want good cheap eats in Honolulu, don’t forget the street food! Gilligan’s Beach Shack is usually parked at Kahanamoku Beach and the garlic shrimp is a crowd favorite. Plus, can you really say you’ve been to Honolulu if you haven’t turned your tongue blue with shaved ice? Gilligan’s can help with that.

Where to experience a traditional luau in Honolulu

Attending a traditional luau is one of the best ways to encounter Hawaiian and Polynesian culture and cuisine. Many hotels in Honolulu host these events for guests and visitors. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Germaine’s Hawaiian Luau includes an imu ceremony, delicious dinner buffet, shell lei you can take home, and more.
  • Paradise Cove Luau features a flower petal shower, imu dinner, and activities like lei-making and games.
  • Ali’i Luau Dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Center is accompanied by some daring entertainment like fire walking and spinning.

Now that you know where to eat in Hawaii, Honolulu attractions are next on your list of things to discover. Fill your itinerary with fun and let local eateries fill your getaway with flavor. Enjoy Honolulu on a budget, and aloha!

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