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Expedia launches first Action with booking capabilities for the Google Assistant

Expedia is continuing to innovate with ways to make your travel planning simple and seamless. And now, the ultimate travel companion is ready to listen! We’re excited to announce travelers can now ask the Google Assistant to book and manage all their upcoming travel plans via a new Expedia Action. This is the first Google Assistant travel Action of its kind where you can not only browse, but book with your voice.

How can the Expedia Action help you plan a vacation?

With the Expedia Action for the Google Assistant, travelers can now:

  1. Browse and book hotels
  2. Cancel flight and hotel reservations
  3. Add a rental car to an existing round-trip flight reservation
  4. Check available Expedia Rewards points
  5. Access Expedia trip itineraries
  6. Get packing lists for your upcoming trip

What makes this so great for all our travelers is that you can plan your trip wherever you are. Ever been out with friends and someone suggests a trip to Vegas? Now you can just ask Expedia to find you a flight or book a specific hotel.

Ready to travel using the Google Assistant?

The Expedia Action is free, easy to use, and available in English on any device that supports the Google Assistant.

To activate:

  1. Simply talk to Expedia on any compatible device and follow the instructions to link your Expedia account so you can get personalized help every time you come back. If you don’t have an Expedia account yet, you can create one here.
  2. Once you’re signed in, you can engage the Expedia Action through the Google Assistant app for phones and Google Smart Speakers.
  3. Start by saying “Ok Google, talk to Expedia.”
  4. From there, you’ll be able to choose from a couple of options like:
    • “When does my flight leave?”
    • “Book me a hotel in Antigua, Guatemala.”
    • “What should I pack for Austin?”
    • “How many Expedia Rewards points do I have?”
  5. You’re off!

Travel is getting smarter, and we’re committed to delivering the best (and ultimate) travel companion, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. The Expedia Action will work on the Google Assistant app for phones (built in on the Google Pixel and a downloadable app for iOS and other Android devices) as well as Google Smart Speakers. The Smart Speakers include the Google Home and Google Home Mini.

In addition to the new Expedia Action for the Google Assistant, customers with Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot, can also use the Expedia skill to instantly hear details about their hotel and flight reservations, add a rental car to an existing trip, check Expedia rewards loyalty points balance, and more.

Visit for more information on the Expedia Action for the Google Assistant.

Expedia compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site, such compensation may include travel and other costs.

Alexis Tiacoh

PR Specialist at Expedia
Since taking her first trip as an unaccompanied minor at age of 5, Alexis is always dreaming of the next trip to fuel her wanderlust. Whether it’s traveling to London, island hopping in the Caribbean or exploring the foodie scene in Denver – she is determined to rack up frequent flyer miles and visit the world’s most culturally rich destinations. Now a Seattle-based PR specialist for Expedia, Alexis is focused on bringing the world within reach and inspiring others through her travel blogs.


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